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Jet Skiing
About Us

Founded by Patrick and Dawn O'Keeffe, Shoreline traces its origins back to South Africa where the couple established Racetech Yamaha in 1990. What began as a modest venture with just Patrick, Dawn, and Joseph on board, soon flourished into one of South Africa’s premier jet ski dealerships. Patrick’s innovative spirit led to the creation of Tubbys, a revolutionary design allowing fishermen clear rear access on PWCs, which continues to be manufactured in South Africa today.

In 2014, driven by a desire for new horizons and with their family expanding, the O'Keeffes relocated to Australia and founded Shoreline. Initially starting under the Shoreline name, they soon caught the attention of Yamaha Australia and officially became an authorized Yamaha dealership in 2015. Shoreline Yamaha then opened its doors on Moss St, Slacks Creek in August 2015. The family's reputation for exceptional service and community warmth quickly made them a beloved fixture. Two years later, in October 2017, Shoreline expanded its offerings to include BRP products with the opening of Shoreline Sea-Doo & Can-Am, just 400 meters from the original Yamaha store.


Today, Shoreline is more than a dealership; it's a testament to the O'Keeffe family's passion for water sports and commitment to customer satisfaction. Patrick’s expertise, Dawn’s unwavering support, and the dedication of their sons, Jordi and Thaine, have made Shoreline a trusted name in the Australian marine industry. Whether you're seeking expert advice, innovative products, or a friendly face, Shoreline welcomes you to experience the difference of a true family-run business.

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